10 januari 2019 - Siem Reap, Cambodja

You want to know more about me
Well, I am good with words
Though I do not speak much
Neither a blessing nor a curse

I express myself differently
I write and I dance
I make love, I make amends
To show the depths of me

I fall in love very easily
Not just with people
But with places too
I have only just fallen for you

Infatuation at first
Addictive and illusive
My awareness served
Like repetitive music

Trial and error brought upon me
Something so vast
Acceptance and transparency
True love at last

Upon facing my true potential
To love fully and unconditional 
The darkness was left behind
Thus, in the fullness of time
I will radiate only light

I now strip myself from all the layers
That were ought to define me
What remains is far greater
Than my ego could ever be

You want to know more about me
While I am merely a reflection of you


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  1. Mama:
    11 januari 2019
    Wow! Mooi, meisje! Dikke kus en knuffel van ons, ❤❤❤
  2. Nona:
    12 januari 2019
    Thank you mommy, kusjes en knuffels terug xxxxxxxx

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