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15 januari 2019 - Siem Reap, Cambodja

The soul speaks more meaningful than the mind. It is why I pause before I verbalize. More often than not, I will start to think I am taking too long and so I decide to silence myself.
My dreams have always spoken my truth so vividly. For that I am ever grateful. Still, I feel a fair amount of fear to share the insights they bring about.
Expressing myself through speech has always been a hindrance, thinking whatever I would say would be deemed either unworthy or unpleasant. One of my earliest memories is one of me being afraid to ask a rather simple question. I now perceive that I have been unwillingly holding on to a pattern throughout the years. By being thoroughly self-conscious I have victimized and limited not only myself, but all that have crossed my path. 
As of late, I have found a love within me of which I realize was never lost to begin with. Above and beyond, it has freed me of all that has been and all that will be. I am allowing it to guide me through eternity and I hope for it to spread like wildfire. Nevertheless, attempting to put in words the love I have unearthed is unfathomable, as it is a language on its own.


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